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Saturday, March 13, 2021

How to win big in fhg list ?

Hi there. my fellow punters. How to win big in my fhg list ? For the last 4 months,  i managed to achieve over 75% strike rate which means 7/10 winners in average each day. Sometimes, i win 5 to 10 win streaks With such occurrence. i am able to win big occasionally.

So, wonder how can I turn my tactic to win big in football betting ?Yes, you can. But you have to risk the 1st stake Eg $25 for win streaks as long as 7-9 win streaks . If you able to risk such amount, pls read on.

My fhg list was able to record few decent win streaks where i could see like 4,5,6,7 and even 10 win streaks within a month.

If you luckily hit such a win streaks, you have to re-stake all your winning into next fhg inplay bet @ 1.6 odds until you hit long win streaks like 9 win streaks or more.  

Rough profit calculation of win streaks : Min odds 1.6, some maybe higher like 1.9 odds, stake after 10-15min played...

Say you stake 1st bet $25, you hit win streaks. You would have big profit end of the day.  But be reminded you have to withdraw your initial stake $25 after 2 win streaks $64 to start over again... 
1st win   25x1.6 odds=40   
2nd win  40x1.6 odds=64  
3rd win  64x1.6 odds=102   (withdraw your initial stake $25)
4th win  77x1.6 odds=123
5th win 123x1.6 odds=197
6th win 197x1.6 odds=315
7th win 315x1.6 odds=504  ( you may consider stop staking )
8th win 504x1.6 odds=807 
9th win 807x1.6 odds=1291
10th win 1291x1.6 odds=2066   (Perfect 10 win streaks) 

Afterall, i had 3 times 10/10 win streaks in particular months. So, it's achievable in my Fhg list. 

Who know? You could be the one who win big if you dare to challenge yourself in this kind of betting since i had hit couple of time 10/10 in the past. Are you ready to challenge 10/10 win streaks and win 2066 dollar.    

Comment down below if you have any questions?

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Liverpool vs Chelsea 20/21

Hi, there. All eyes will be on Anfield stadium as Liverpool and Chelsea go head to head in the Premier League derby on Thursday evening. The Reds had been poor at home with 4 defeats at home. This is something that  liverpool's fans won't accept it.  The Reds desperately needed a victory at home to end to their four-game losing streaks. 

Jurgen Klopp's team is  getting slim opportunity of defending their trophy. What he can do is to secure a top-four finish and the CL qualification.  According to news, Jota, Fabinho, and Milner should be fit for the clash.

The Blues were settled with midweek's boring goalless draw with Manchester United. They and the Reds should be motivated to score some goals in this clash. Most punters can find value in betting on both teams to score. According to news, defender Thiago Silva is rated doubtful for the match.
Final verdict : 2-1 home win

Monday, January 25, 2021

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